Caviar's Modified AirPods Max Headphones Go for the Super Low Price of $108,000

Two pairs of AirPods max headphones covered with gold and black or white crocodile leather.

When Apple announced the AirPods Max noise canceling headphones, the asking price of $ 549 was held immediately. But what if you could take a high-end, high-priced headphones and make them absolutely stunning? Enter Caviar, a Russian company known for its products and gold and astronomical price tag. This time you can get AirPods Max with Caviar treatment for “only” $ 108,000. We will take three.

How are Caviar Custom AirPods Max different? Gold and crocodile leather. They decked out most of the crocodile skin unit, in your choice of White or black, and added gold accents to the headphones and band. Caviar thinks it’s a splendid look, remarking: “[I]It’s impossible to look away from this innovative and splendid device created for those who appreciate their uniqueness and always want to be on top.

The Caviar AirPods Max also appears to be a very limited edition. The company states that each color “will be released as one piece worldwide.” So if you’ve got some cash to burn and burning it has already lost its entertainment value, Caviar’s AirPods Max may be the solution for you.

via MacRumors

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