Chrome for Android Has Dark Mode–Here’s How to Turn it On

Chrome for Android Dark Mode

The Chrome desktop browser has recently adopted dark mode on Mac and Windows, but it is also available on Android. It is not as simple as other platforms because it is currently hidden behind a flag. Here's how to activate it.

First of all: you need to make sure Chrome is updated. in the Play Store. The version must be at least 74, which you can check in Settings> About Chrome. If you are not 74 years old, it will not work. It takes place in stages in the Play Store, but you can also load sideways APK if you do not like to play the game queues.

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Once everything is updated, start Chrome and type the following in Omnibox:

chrome: // flags / # enable-android-night-mode

Touch the drop-down list and set it to "On". Click the button at the bottom to restart your browser.

Once Chrome is reopened, press the menu button and return to Settings. The should be a new option called "Dark Mode" in the root menu.

If the option does not appear for you, you must close Chrome and then open it again. Just press the Recent button and drag it, then restart it. The option should be there after that.

The dark mode menu entry is quite simple: just activate it. That's all.

It should be noted that this hides behind a flag for obvious reasons: it is always a bit … weird. For example, the tabs button has only a few shades lighter than the rest of the UI, which makes it difficult to read.

Also, it looks a lot like the Incognito mode (which is actually lighter than the dark mode), which can be uncomfortable for some users.

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