Classic 'Fraggle Rock' Comes to Apple TV+, Along With a Full-Season Reboot

A photo from the cast of Fraggle Rock.The Jim Henson Company

After 33 years, Fraggle Rock gets a full restart on Apple TV +. The new season features all of the classic characters from the series and is produced by Jim Henson. Apple hasn’t announced a release date for the new season of Fraggle Rock, but the original 96 episodes are available on TV + starting today.

Apple’s interest in Fraggle Rock began last month when the company released a 5-minute short film series called Fraggle Rock: Rock On. But the classic show, known for delving deep into the complex issues of social conflict, environmental responsibility, etc., requires longer episodes to tell its stories. And that’s what’s happening now.

Apple TV + fans may notice that the classic Fraggle Rock is the first “old” show to hit the streaming service. According to Vulture, Apple is not interested in hosting old titles and only bought the classic Fraggle Rock because “it made sense” to have old and new episodes on the same platform. Yeah, I would say it makes sense.

Again, the classic Fraggle Rock is available on Apple TV + starting today. But Apple has not announced a release date for its restart. If you want to re-watch the series or present it to your kids, now is the time to sign up for Apple TV + and binge 96 episodes of Henson Goodness. It only remains for us to convince Apple to restart the dinosaurs.

Source: Apple via Vulture

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