Crash Bandicoot Returns on October 2nd in 'Crash 4: It's About Time'

Crash runs from a skeleton monster in 'Crash 4: It's About Time'

Back in the SNES era, the game was dominated by inflatable cartoon characters. But things changed in the 2000s and 2010s, and for a while, Mario and Sonic were the only ones who kept the idea of ​​a mascot-based platform game alive. But they have experienced a revival recently, paving the way for the return of fan-favorite Crash Bandicoot.

Developer Toys For Bob unveiled the new game with a trailer at the Summer Game Fest. Crash 4 looks like a very sharp return to form, focusing on the play styles and visuals that made the original PlayStation games successful. The levels seem to be equally divided between running towards or away from the camera, or more conventional 2D perspectives.

Several playable characters, including Coco and the villain of the Neo-Cortex series, were presented, as well as many new masks and powers. The subtitle of the game is “It’s about time”, so you can expect many chronological shenanigans as the series jumps directly from Crash Bandicoot: Warped, released in 1998.

Between a recent remaster of the first three Crash games, a similar remaster of Spyro the dragon, and nostalgic return titles like Yooka-Laylee and A hat in time, the more old-fashioned 3D platforms are experiencing a little renaissance. We could see more PlayStation and N64 style platforms popping up from the big studios in the near future.

Crash 4: it’s time has been confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One. Its sale is scheduled for October 2.

Source: Activision

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