Create a Summer Bucket List to Make the Most of the Season

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Have you ever reached the last day of the summer to realize that you are most often wasted? It's too easy to let the season go astray without doing what you want, but a list of summer years can help you.

You probably already know the concept of "bucket list". It's a list of things you intend to do and you scratch when you complete them. Some people make blacklists for a trip or for whatever they want to do in their life. But a list of summer years addresses the problem of the feeling that the season is over before you can make the most of it.

Here's how to create a list of summer years that will optimize your time and give you memories that will last for years.

Choose your format

First, choose the best format for your list. Oh that's right! This is not a metaphorical list; This is a list that you will fill with summer goals and entertainment.

If you like to write on paper, buy a notebook or agenda to keep your list. If you prefer everything to be digital, start a note on your phone or on a Google document. As you complete tasks on your list, you will get the dopamine boost this comes from a feat – and having your written list allows you to see these accomplishments in one place.

Stay realistic

Now you can start writing ideas for your list. However, try to be realistic about the ease or difficulty of these things. Do not forget that you only have one season to do them! You might want to spend a month in Europe, but if you're not even planning yet, this may not be a realistic goal for your summer list.

Rather than adding unrealistic elements to your list, consider what could be a simpler version of it. For example, instead of a month in Europe, you could perhaps spend a week in a closer vacation destination. Or, put on your list of things things that bring you closer to this more ambitious goal. Maybe "save for a trip to Europe" should be part of your to-do list for this summer so you can leave next year.

The items in your bucket list should not all be purely "fun", especially if they bring you closer to a future goal.

Add plans for each item

Once you have a few items on your list, create a detailed plan on how to accomplish them.

If, for example, "practice yoga once a week", you may need to search a yoga studio in your area and find a class schedule that suits you – or outline a plan for a coherent schedule at home. Write down the steps to follow before any item can be removed from your list. When you have a plan for each item on your list, it will help you reach them.

Change your list at any time

Your bucket list is not a static document. Do not hesitate to change it whenever you want, in the way you want. For example, if you start developing a plan for an element but realize that you are not required to do each step, remove it from your list and replace it with something else.

It is also a good idea to periodically rearrange your list. Try to list the items from "most important" to "least important". So you can focus your energy on doing things that are most important to you.

Take the pressure

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To make a list of years for the summer does not mean that you have to put pressure on yourself to do everything. A good list of buckets lengthens with time. So, do not worry about doing everything on your list this summer. Instead, focus on a few priority tasks.

Do not forget that everything on your to-do list does not have to be grandiose. Although the desire to visit a new country is a laudable list item, visiting a new neighborhood can be just as good.

Be responsible

Even if you do not have to put too much pressure on yourself, a little bit of responsibility will allow you to keep moving forward with your to-do list. Share it online or with a friend. And share periodic updates to show your progress.

This gives you a support system to encourage you while addressing the most difficult issues on your list.

A list of summer buckets can help you keep the blues of the post-summer and help you get the most out of your time. Soon you may also find yourself working out optimal lists for fall, winter and spring!

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