Crush Some (LEGO) Cars with Two New $20 LEGO Monster Trucks

How do you improve the cool factor of LEGO? How about a LEGO Monster Truck! If you’re a LEGO fan and a Monster Trucks fan (and who isn’t?), Then the news gets better and better. LEGO just announced the new LEGO Technic Monster Jam Max-D and Monster Jam Gravedigger sets. The best of all? They will only cost you $ 19.99.

For a little less than an Andrew Jackson, you’ll get 230 coins for the Max-D set and 212 coins for the Grave Digger set. Both come with a “pull-out action” that sends the car out of the race and ready to crush whatever happens.

The sets fall into the technical series, and you can expect a bit of difficulty, in part because of the traction motor. But LEGO believes these sets are suitable for ages seven and up, making them a more accessible Technic set.

Pick your favorite Monster Truck (or buy both!), And you’ll get custom graphics and details for the truck. This includes the Max-D’s spikes and fire graphics and the Grave Digger’s movable crossbone flag. Naturally, you get big tires, headlights, and bright colors.

But when you’re done wrecking everything in your path, you can rebuild either truck into an off-road buggy. That makes it a two in one set, which isn’t bad for $ 20. LEGO says the Grave Digger and Max-D will release on January 1. Not in time for Christmas, but just in time for a happy new year.

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