Deal Alert: Grab 6 Months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $40 ($50 Off)

Lara Croft, Master Chief and Batman standing above their respective games.Microsoft

One of the best deals for game subscriptions is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It combines Xbox Gold and Xbox Game Pass, allowing you to play online on Xbox and giving you access to more than 100 games on Xbox and PC, as well as other benefits. Right now you can enter six months of Xbox Game Pass from Newegg for $ 40, just use the code EMCDHDE22 when ordering. It’s $ 50 off the normal price.

If you don’t already have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and are playing Xbox or PC games (or both), it’s worth considering purchasing a subscription. With the Ultimate Pass, you benefit from the advantages of Xbox Gold (free online game and monthly games) and Xbox Game Pass (access to more than 100 games for Xbox and PC).

But if you already have one of these subscriptions, the first thing to do is take advantage of Microsoft’s temporary conversion agreement. Spend $ 1 to buy a month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimateand your Gold or Game Pass subscriptions are converted to Game Pass Ultimate. Each month you have in Gold or Game Pass becomes one month in Game Pass Ultimate. After the one-time deal, subscriptions are still converted, but not at a 1: 1 rate.

Once you have entered into this agreement, proceed to the NewEgg Game Pass Ultimate agreement. You will get six months of Game Pass Ultimate for $ 40, just use the code EMCDHDE22 when ordering. It’s a digital code, so no need to worry about shipping. This corresponds to the lowest price we have seen; typically sales are $ 45 to $ 50 for six months. And the regular price is $ 60, so don’t miss a great deal.

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