Deal Alert: You Can Grab the LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy for $35 Off ($65)

A LEGO motorcycle on a crutch.

LEGO sets are awesome. But they are also expensive. So any sale that comes up is one you should jump on, especially if you can get it with free shipping. Act fast and you can get the Lego harley-davidson for $ 64.99, around $ 35 the regular price.

However, you will not be ordering from LEGO; you will get it directly from famous motorcycle company. Today we all learned that Harley-Davidson sells LEGO sets. Well, a LEGO set.
It’s also quite a LEGO set; you get a 1023 piece LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy with a red “paint job”, mirrors, and a kickstand. You will need to provide your own “vroom vroom” sound effects, but we will not judge.

If you are a motorcycle fan, you will probably appreciate the attention to detail like the beefy tires and the precise fuel tank and speedometer. It even has working pistons. Best of all, Harley-Davison offers free standard shipping. Act fast and you will get it before Christmas. Considering that it is Out of stock entirely on the LEGO website, it’s a good deal all around.

via The Brick Fan

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