Deal Alert: You Can Grab the Nest Hub Max for $50 off ($179)

We think the Nest Hub screens are great. They’re great for controlling your smart home devices, finding recipes, and viewing your photos. And the Nest Hub Max is all in a bigger, better case. But as much as we like it, it’s still a bit expensive. But The Home Depot is offering $ 50 off the device today, bringing the price down to $ 179.

It’s not uncommon to see sales on the Nest Hub Max. But it is the lowest price we have ever seen. Best buy and Google are currently selling the smart screen for $ 199, for example. At $ 179, we think the price is finally right.

That may sound like a lot, especially when compared to the standard Nest Hub average price of around $ 130. But the Nest Hub Max is more than just a big screen (although a much bigger screen). It also has a useful camera built into the device.

It uses the camera to recognize you and display your calendar and preferences. When you approach the screen, it wakes up automatically and starts to work proactively. What she does even depends on the time of day.

The standard Nest Hub recently started doing the same thing, but it detects your presence by listening for noise to suggest someone is nearby. It’s impressively precise, but the Nest Hub Max’s camera works even better.

We don’t know how long Home Depot sells Nest Hub Max for sale, so if you’re interested, you should jump in now. And if $ 179 is still too much, you can still consider Smaller Nest Hub instead of.

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