Defend Your New iPhone SE's Display an Affordable Screen Protector

A glamorous photo of the iPhone SE.

Unlike other “budget” phones, the new iPhone SE is equipped with an incredibly powerful A13 Bionic processor and is expected to receive regular updates over the next 5 years. It’s unless you break it. Buy a screen protector today and make the most of your time with the new SE.

While there are a million brands of screen protectors to choose from, we’re going to focus on three brands with three very different products. Tempered glass, plastic and privacy screen protectors have all their advantages, but we will try to describe why each particular style of screen protector might suit you best.

One final note: the new iPhone SE has the same size and shape as the old iPhone 8. Any iPhone 8 screen protector (or case, for that matter) will adapt to the 2020 SE. Now let’s go.

For ultimate protection: amFilm tempered glass (pack of 2)

A photo of the amFilm screen protector.

Tempered glass screen protectors are thicker than their plastic counterparts, but they resist scratches and provide the highest level of protection for your phone screen. They are also incredibly easy to install and completely resistant to bubbles and peeling which are common when using plastic screen protectors.

amFilm sells our favorite tempered glass screen protectors. They are durable, affordable and 99% transparent. And, since they are sold in sets of two, you can continue for a few months without buying spare parts.

For ultimate protection

For a small footprint: amFilm Plastic Protector (3-Pack)

AmFilm Plastic Protector

If the thick tempered glass screen protectors are not for you, then it’s time to buy a plastic screen protector. Plastic screen protectors are almost invisible and provide a thin layer of defense for your phone screen. They are also very inexpensive, so you can replace them comfortably before they get too ugly.

Again, we suggest you buy from amFilm. The company’s plastic screen protectors are grease and fingerprint resistant and come with a handful of tools (squeegees, rubber bands, etc.) to ensure a clean, bubble-free installation. They also come in packs of three, so you can quickly replace old screen protectors without waiting for a package to arrive.

For invisible protection

For privacy: JETech Anti-Spy tempered glass (pack of 2)

A photo of the JETech screen protector.

JETech Anti-Spy screen protectors are the strange duck here. They are made of tempered glass and offer the same protection as amFilm tempered glass screen protectors. But they also contain a layer of transition film, which prevents curious curious people from taking a look at your screen. When viewed from the front, JETech’s spy screens are almost as clear as a typical tempered glass screen, allowing you to use your phone with spies without compromising on comfort.

JETech sells its anti-spy screen protectors in two packages and costs a few dollars more than the average of tempered glass screen protectors.

For confidentiality

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