Disney Pixar's 'Soul' Will Skip Theaters And Go Straight to Disney+

Two ghosts trying to eat pizza.

Theaters are not doing very well right now, due to the global pandemic. Regal theaters closed indefinitely across the United States, therefore, it should come as no surprise that more and more films are skipping the theater route altogether. Pixar’s next film, Soul, will do exactly that and go straight to Disney +. And good news, unlike Mulan, you don’t have to spend more.

Pixar’s latest film feels like another adventure and a learning journey to death and what makes a human life worth living. But don’t confuse it for coco or Upside down, because it takes a different tact from that of either of these films.

We follow a college music teacher named Joe (voiced by Jamie Foxx), who dies on the eve of a life-changing opportunity. Naturally not ready to go, he tries to run away from what comes next and ends up in the place where souls are created.

Joe tries to explain to a soul, voiced by Tina Fey, why life is worth living. Along the way, he discovers that he is not really dead.

Until there, Soul looks like another in Pixar’s long line of challenging entries. And even if it were to hit theaters in November, this plan obviously won’t work in our current climate.

Instead of, Soul will be coming to Disney + on December 25, 2020 – yes, Christmas Day. Maybe everyone needs something healthy to watch on vacation. The good news is that unlike Mulan, you won’t have to spend more to watch Soul. A Disney + membership is all you need.

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