Disney+ Will Raise Its Price for the First Time to $7.99 a Month


Disney + plans to increase its price for the first time. The $ 1 price hike will bring the base subscription to $ 7.99 per month. If you’re on the annual plan, your next bill will cost you $ 79.99. And the Disney package, which includes Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN +, will increase to $ 13.99 per month. You do get a short reprieve though, Disney will only increase prices in March 2021.

The news came after a one-day whirlwind when Disney announced that ten new Marvel series, ten new Star wars series, 15 new Disney Live-Action, Animation and Pixar series, as well as 15 more live-action, animation and Pixar Disney films will be released direct on Disney + over the next several years. In total, there are fifty new projects coming to the streaming service.

Over the next few years, around 10 @Wonder series 10 @Star Wars series, 15 live action from disney, @DisneyAnimation, and @Pixar series, as well as 15 new Disney Live Action, Disney Animation and Pixar features will be released directly to @DisneyPlus.

– Disney (@Disney) December 10, 2020

Highlights include a Ahsoka series and a Rangers of the New Republic series, defined in the same timeline as The Mandalorian. Rosario Dawson will play Ahsoka, a character she just took on in a guest seat in The Mandalorian. For Marvel fans, Disney + will get a Guardians of the Galaxy vacation special in 2022, with a series of short films entitled I am Groot.

Many announcements, like Moon knight, came with little more than a logo, although some like Obi wan kenobi mentioned who would play in the room. In the case of Obi wan kenobiIt was no surprise to Ewan McGregor listed for the series, but seeing Hayden Christiensen mentioned for the role of Darth Vader triggered a shock.

Either way, it’s clear that Disney intends to invest a lot of money in its original programming for the Disney + streaming service. And just like Netflix and its rather frequent price increases, Disney seems to want to recoup some of that cost as soon as possible.

New adventures. New originals. Endless possibilities. All of these and many more come exclusively to #DisneyMore. pic.twitter.com/NMKMz75PdS

– Disney + (@disneyplus) December 11, 2020

But at $ 7.99 per month, it’s still a competitive service. After all, you get 4K and four simultaneous streams at this price. Netflix’s base plan is $ 8.99 per month and doesn’t include 1080p (let alone 4) or concurrent streams. And HBO Max costs $ 14.99 per month, although Warner Bros. promised to release all films in theaters and on the streaming service on the same day next year.

For now, if you want to avoid a possible price increase for as long as possible, you have only one option: to join the annual plan. Disney + won’t see the price increase until March, and if you pay a year in advance, you’ll be covered until that time expires. One thing is certain, sooner or later all streaming services increase their prices.

Source: Wat Disney Company


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