Disney+ 'Zenimation' Adds Realistic Sounds to Your Favorite Disney Movies


Whether it’s a movie or a TV show, the soundscape of what you watch is just as important as the visuals. This is particularly true with Disney films, thanks to its musical tendencies. What if you want something more relaxing? The new Disney + Zenimation The series aims to help you in full awareness in times of stress by reimagining your favorite Disney scenes with more realistic sounds.

The first season of Zeinmation already includes ten episodes that visit films like Frozen, Big Hero 6, Moana, and more. Each entry lasts five to seven minutes and focuses on a familiar scene, such as the sunrise Lion King.

But while the animation remains the same, Disney has removed the original music and sound effects and replaced them with new sounds. Instead of the flamboyant music of Circle of life, you will hear every footstep of approaching animals and trampled grass.

Each episode presents excerpts from a range of films and focuses on a theme such as “water”, “nature”, “discovery” and “flight”. If you’ve ever listened to a soundtrack full of rain or whale calls, Zenimation is like that, but set on Disney visuals.

It is best to listen with a full surround system or good headphones. The soundscapes are complete and you can hear whispers in the wind, the hum of vehicles, etc. No episode stays too long on a particular film, but they come together well as a theme.

You can look Zenimation sure Disney + today.

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