Do I Need to Leave My Washing Machine Door Open?

a front loading washer with the door open to prevent mold formation
Andrey Popov / Shutterstock

If you've recently switched from a top-loading washing machine to a front-loading washing machine, here's a new habit you may need to adopt: leave the door ajar.

The top loading washer covers are not sealed, so that the least amount of liquid remaining in the drum chamber evaporates between the brews; the humidity inside the chamber usually never gets high enough to create mold problems. You can not go wrong by leaving the lid, but just to play carefully, but it does not really matter.

However, the front-loading seals are sealed – a perfect seal is a pretty important design feature if you want the water to be in the horizontal drum and not in the floor of the laundry room. The disadvantage of this design is that if you close the door when you are done with the load, you clog the moisture. This sealed environment is a perfect environment conducive to mold formation (which is not so good for your health, and you will certainly end up with nauseating smell clothes and towels).

In light of this, you will not be surprised to know that many people have had mold problems in their washing machines. In fact, in recent years, numerous lawsuits have been filed against various appliance manufacturers, arguing that their machines were faulty and prone to molding.

We will stay out of the debate about the technical benefits of various models of washing machines. This simple solution works regardless of the type of front-loading washing machine you have: Leave the door open.

That's all. Although I have always left my front loading machine wide open between uses (because my laundry has enough space to do it and I have no reason not to do it), you really have to leave it cracked just a few centimeters the moist air can evacuate the machine.

If your machine is in a closet or in a common area of ​​your home and you want to leave it cracked without opening the door wide, practical products like the popular Laundry lasso or this simple snap can help keep the door open when you're not using the washer.

Whether you've just left the door open or used a small utility tool, the key is to let the air circulate to eliminate the hot and humid conditions that attract mold.

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