Do I Need to Rake My Grass Clippings?

a rake, a heap of cut grass and a wheelbarrowRaihana Asral / Shutterstock

When you have finished mowing the lawn, it is time to rake and bag your grass clippings, is not it? Not so fast. Leaving the trimmings aside is good for your lawn – if you do it right.

Rather than throwing the bagging attachment on your mower or investing time in the complete raking of the grass and bagging by hand, you can, in the In most cases, leave the cut grass behind you. Not only do you save time, but the trimmings are ideal for your lawn.

Grass clippings release nitrogen into the soil, which promotes a greener growth of the grass. You will give your lawn a free fertilizer boost by leaving the cut grass alone. In addition, clippings help to shade the soil and retain moisture, while attracting earthworms that will help break down clippings and incorporate them into the soil.

You can not always leave the rake in the garage, unfortunately. If you mow your lawn while the grass is wet, the clippings left on the ground will clump in wet bunches. These tufts prevent sunlight and oxygen from reaching your lawn, which creates brown spots, fungus growth and is generally awful for your lawn. If you mow when the grass is too high or too wet, you should shave the clumps.

If you rake your trimmings, consider composting them instead of putting them in bags and throwing them on the sidewalk. The grass compotes well and, in doing so, you can recover the nutrients in the grass for later use in the rest of your landscaping.

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