Do You Need a Screen Protector for Your Apple Watch?

If you are worried about scratching the screen of your Apple Watch, you can easily buy and install a screen protector. But should you worry about it at first?

I know a lot of people who have been in the market for an Apple Watch, but who have pulled out because they feared that the screen will get scratched easily enough depending on their everyday use – it’s easy for a watch to hit various objects and scrape.

Depending on the model of Apple Watch you have, the screen glass may be more durable than other models.

Some Apple Watch models have sapphire crystal displays

With the new Apple Watch 4 Series (as well as some previous generations), the stainless steel model comes with a sapphire glass display glass, which rather evokes a marketing fluff, but it’s really a very interesting feature if you are paranoid scratching the screen.

The sapphire crystal is made from the sapphire gemstone, which is the third hardest material in the world behind diamond and moissanite. It is therefore incredibly resistant to scratches. Or at least that should be it.

JerryRigEverything, a YouTube channel dedicated to conducting sustainability tests on consumer electronics devices, performed a scratch test on an Apple Series 3 watch with a sapphire crystal display and discovered that it does not have a special feature. was not as scratch resistant as she could. Not as pure as the Tissot watch he compared it to, which also has a sapphire crystal.

Admittedly, it was even more scratch resistant than the lower glass of the less expensive Apple Watch models, but not much. It is possible that Apple has made some improvements with its sapphire crystal watch Apple Series 4, however.

You are probably better with a screen protector

On Apple Watches entry-level models with an aluminum housing, the screen is made only of ordinary glass, or “Ion-X glass”, as the likes of Apple, is not more resistant to scratches than a classic smartphone display.

If you have one and you are paranoid about scratching it, a screen protector will give you peace of mind easy and inexpensive.

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How cheap? You can get a package of screen protectors for just over $ 10, and they should last a long time. Just make sure you get the right size for your Apple Watch. This six pack costs $ 11 and is compatible with 38mm and 40mm Apple watches. They are also available for 42mm and 44mm models at the same price. Want to go beyond a simple protector and also protect the case? Discover our selection of exceptional Apple Watch protection solutions.

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