Dolby On Comes to Android to Make Your Live Streams Sound Better

Two phones displaying the Dolby On Android app

Live streaming from your phone without a dedicated mic is usually a lesson in frustration. It’s good if you only record someone speaking, but the music tends to sound hollow. the Dolby On app for iOS did an admirable job of solving this problem, but Android users were unlucky. Good news, Dolby On is coming to Android. And iOS users also benefit from Twitch integration.

If you are not familiar with the Dobly On application, its use is quite simple. Open your application, point to your subject and press Record. Dolby does the heavy lifting with automatic equalization and automatic background noise reduction. And surprisingly, on iOS, the app is completely free. You won’t even find in-app purchases.

The app connects to Facebook so you can set up a live stream as quickly as possible. Dolby is now ready to extend this capability to Android and will launch the app on the Google Play Store today.
And for iOS users, an update coming today will add Twitch as a streaming location option. You can only stream to one location at a time, but more choices are always better.

We do not yet see the application or update in their respective stores, but as soon as we do, we will update this article with links.

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