Don’t Throw Away Your PS4 Just Yet, Use It to Stream Your PS5 Games Instead

A PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation 5 behind a PS Remote Play icon.

Have you bought a PlayStation 5 and are considering selling your “old” console? You might want to wait for this. Sony has confirmed that you will be able to stream your brand new PS5 games to your PlayStation 4 via remote play.

To do this, simply fire up your PS4 and find the “PS5 Remote Play” app. Just be aware that when it comes to resolution, you’ll be limited to 1080p at 60 frames per second (fps). Remote play is very useful, especially if your PlayStation 5 is connected to a TV that someone else is currently using.

Of course, remote playback isn’t strictly limited to Sony consoles alone. You can also stream your PS5 from a iPhone, iPad, android phone, Mac, or Windows PC. And, if your device supports it, you will be able to play high dynamic range (HDR).

Gamers have always been able to use remote play to access their PS4 on other devices. But being able to play next-gen games on your PlayStation 4 is something truly magical.

I have been using Remote Play for years with my iPad Pro. It’s a fantastic way to mobilize your gaming experience, especially since iPadOS supports controllers like the DualShock 4. As long as you have a half-decent Wi-Fi connection, you’ll be able to play your games without a hitch.

For remote play to work, Sony recommends that you connect your PS5 via Ethernet with a connection speed of 15 megabits (Mbps) or more. Most games will be playable, but anything that requires a PlayStation or PS VR camera will not work.

Remote play is free and works right out of the box on PS4 and PS5. A PlayStation Plus subscription is not required to use the app, but is required if you plan to play any type of game online. Download links for the iOS and Android apps can be found below.

Source: Sony via The edge

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