Download: Try Microsoft’s New Chromium-Based Edge Browser Today

Microsoft Edge Insider Channels Page

Microsoft announced last December this would move Edge on the Chromium rendering engine. The lost versions appeared on the web a few weeks ago, but you can now try an official version of Microsoft. Here's how to configure it.

GoodBye EdgeHTML, Hello EdgeChromium

When Microsoft announced that it would stop working on EdgeHTML and switch the Edge browser to Chromium, we asked many questions. Some, as if the switch meant win chrome extensions support, were answered fairly quickly. But the big question is, "when can we try?" Microsoft has opened a Insider Page ask for updates, but today, before all the emails we've seen, you can download an official version of Microsoft.

Just keep in mind that the two current options are a development version (weekly update) and a version of Canary (updated daily). The beta option, which will be the most stable and will be updated every six weeks, is not available. You should probably keep this in mind and do not use this browser for anything important. At the very beginning of our tests, it seems at least stable enough for occasional navigation.

Also, Microsoft says in his blog whether for Windows 10 64-bit only for the moment. They promise to support other platforms, such as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, macOS and other channels, such as Beta and Stable, later.

How to install and start

The installation of the new Edge browser is a pretty simple affair. Head toward Microsoft download siteand choose a channel. Choose Dev Channel for a more stable option, Canary for a breakthrough and a first glimpse of new features and possibly new bugs.

Once you have installed, you will be prompted to choose a new tab page style. This option is similar to newer items in the traditional Edge. If you do not want to be bombarded with MSN information or whimsical images, choose the targeted option.

Choice of Micorosft Edge Tab Styles

Then you can import data from other browsers. Click the other options in the upper right corner (which looks like three horizontal dots), and then click Settings.

Edge more options with the option to call parameters

Then click on the option "Important browser data" under your profile.

Edge parameters with caption to import browser data

Choose the browser you want to import (such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) and then the data you want to import.

Installing extensions is a similar matter. Click on more options (the three horizontal dots) and then on Extensions.

The search does not work in this current version, click on the option "Get Microsoft Store extensions".

Extensions page with call to "Get Microsoft Store Extensions"

Instead of the Microsoft Store app, a new tab will open. You will need to manually explore the extension, the categories on the left will be useful.

The new tab extensions showing the extensions you can install.

And you are ready to go. Your next step is clearly to connect to Twitter and declare that it "seems faster" with a hashtag Edge Chromium. (It's almost the same browser as Google Chrome, so we doubt there is a huge difference in performance or memory usage.)

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