Dress Code Guide: What Does Lounge Mean?

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When the dress code says "lounge" or "lounge suit," do not be fooled. Despite appearances, it's one of the most formal dress codes you can find on an invitation.

The term "evening suit" is a remnant of early Western fashion, while the dress was more elaborate and more common. A lounge suit was considered presentable for the informal functions of the day, at a time when what was considered "casual" was much more refined than today's casual clothes.

Nowadays, casual wear is a dress code typically used during special events on the day or during formal evenings. It is a step below the formal dress, but not far.

Lounge: a definition

When these Western dress rules were introduced, clothing choices were divided into informal or formal dress, day or evening.

For official ceremonies, a morning dress or suit was applied during the day, while an evening gown or a tail suit was needed for the evening. At informal events, the lounge suit was the day option, while a dinner suit (or "black tie suit") was worn for the evening.

Today, things have changed: most people consider black tie and casual wear as an evening outfit. Men's casual wear is easy: always wear a suit. For women, the flexibility is greater: any evening outfit or an elegant alternative outfit, for example, a classy combination, will do the trick.

When to dress in evening dress

The salon attire is best suited to the following functions:

Business breakfasts
Fantasy brunch
Day commitment celebrations
Afternoon tea

The dress code of the show implies an official event on the day. Your look should be a little wiser than your evening dress, but still chic.

However, some nocturnal events may also have the "lounge" dress code. This suggests that you do not need to wear a formal or black tie, but need to change the level of time. cocktail outfit.

Ideas for women's casual wear

For women, casual wear includes clothes like these:

Long dresses

A dress is one of the most common salon choices for women. Just make sure your dress falls at least to the knee, if not longer. Generally speaking, a mid-length or mid-length dress is more suitable for daytime events with a dress code, while a longer dress is better for evening events.

A suit or combination may also be appropriate for a city outfit. Your look can be fun and fashionable, but not too casual. Casual wear is usually not as revealing and glitzy as evening wear, so avoid things like sequins and low cut.

Patterns and colors are acceptable but must remain sophisticated and not be too strong. In addition, a nice jacket or blazer can help mitigate an extra evening outfit.

For shoes, heels or flat shoes, both work. Your hair and makeup must be beautiful and polite. As for your clothes, it is best to save super-glittery or colorful makeup for more formal or festive events.

Men's casual wear ideas

The dress of men remains simple:

Dress shirt
To attach

A suit is essential for men's casual wear – no mix of pants and jacket, no matter which love you prefer, although it is not necessary to be a suit. You can choose from different colors and different fabrics to express yourself in street clothes. The dark colors are traditional, but a little lighter could be suitable for a daytime living room (especially a day in the summer).

This is the perfect time to pull out your beautiful white French lapel shirt with a pair of cufflinks, although a classic shirt is not a problem; just be sure to wear a collared shirt instead of a button-down collar. Wear a tie for evening events, but for the day, things are a little more flexible. If you forget your tie, we recommend that you keep your pocket as it dresses your outfits and prevents your costume from appearing nude. Make sure you wear pretty shoes and a matching belt.

With the dress code of the lounge outfits, the idea is "formal, but the day". Your look should be less glamorous than formal wear, but more formal than cocktail wear. When invited to an event with a dress code, you should know that the styles have changed: there was a time when people had to dress like that every day!

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