Duolingo's New ABC App Teaches Young Kids to Read for Free

Duolingo ABC app on iPhone

Duolingo, known for its applications that teach you other languages, has a new iOS app To download. Only this one is for your young children and it will help them learn to read. The best part about Duolingo ABC is that it is completely free. But, at least for starters, it is for the youngest child.

We went ahead and downloaded Duolingo ABC just to see how good it was. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the app has no ads, no in-app purchases, and although it requests a parent’s email, you don’t have to provide it.

Three Duolingo application screens, one showing handwriting, another spelling the word monkey, and the third showing a lesson plan.
The spelling of the monkey recalls the endless alphabet

Duolingo begins by asking for the child’s name and age. You might think it will tailor the app based on their likely reading ability, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. We specified a 7 year old child, which places him in first grade reading (or better). The first lesson was a story:

A monkey
Two monkeys
Three monkeys

It’s way too simple for a first-year reader; it’s something closer to a preschool level. The application goes to lessons that remind Endless alphabet, where drag the letters over their silhouettes to spell “Monkey”) and even that even touches handwriting (draw the letter M on the screen). But for all the kids who are about to read, it probably won’t be very helpful.

However, if your child is preschooler or has trouble reading in general, the Duolingo ABC can help. The app has over 300 lessons, and from what we’ve seen in our limited tests, its complexity increases over time.

And finally, the application is completely free. Free as in, no purchase in the application, no monthly subscription, no initial cost to download. You have nothing to lose by trying.
Duolingo ABC is now available for iOS and iPadOS, and the company says it is working on an Android version for the future.

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