Eat Healthier at the Airport with These Tips

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Every traveler knows this feeling of being stuck at the airport. Your flight is delayed, you are irritated, bored, hungry (or worse, hungry) and totally out of your element. Here's how to eat healthy so that you do not feel worse.

Traveling is stressful, no matter how enthusiastic your destination is. Even the most experienced travelers dread loss of baggage, missed flights, long delays and all possible complications.

When you're stressed, your body stays in combat mode or constant flight. If you add processed foods and low in nutrients, this can aggravate the inflammation and cause problems with digestion, uncomfortable bloating and an increase in stomach acid.

It's hard to reduce travel stress, but if you make better food service choices, your experience at the airport will be much better.

Here's how to eat healthy, not to get stuck in a plane with a stomachache after a bender.

Take your own food

If you can, bring your own food to the airport. You'll know exactly what you're getting – no hidden sugar or processed fat will trick you. And you can satisfy your hunger and crazy travel desires that tend to accompany anxiety. You can not bring liquids, though. No matter how much you like your protein drink, it will end up in the trash if you try to submit it to a TSA security check.

You can either cook something at home or go out to your favorite restaurant. Pack it in a container and close it well. Do not bother with the packaging of utensils, you will find many in the food stalls of the airport. Plus, putting a knife in your carry-on bag is not a good idea.

Bring healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, fruits, raw vegetables, health cookies, energy pellets or protein bars. You will stay full longer and have more energy to cope with delayed flights or other unforeseen situations.

Buy snacks at the airport

If you do not want to pack your own food, you can grab some snacks at the airport shops. Opt for nuts or seeds, protein or energy bars, or a smoothie (if you can find one that is not just made of fruit).

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Read the labels on the back of the products and try to find something with as few ingredients as possible. Raw almonds should contain only almonds and smoothies should contain only fruits and vegetables (no added sugars).

Eat at an airport restaurant

If you can not find anything healthy in the stores, venture into a grocery store or restaurant. You will find that the majority of airport restaurants are fast food chains. But there is almost always some kind of raw vegetable with hummus or an available salad option.

It may not be the comforting food you need after a tough trip because of safety, but at least you will not feel swollen. Fortunately, some large companies, like Starbucks, sell healthier items. So you can always find something for them. You just have to watch.

Airport lounges

Most airports have a lot of airline lounges, but it's hard to get to the United States. In Europe, you only pay to enter. If you are in the airline program or sometimes, if you have a credit card linked to the company, you can enter directly into.

American Express Platinum cards, for example, will allow you to access most lounges. You can also take advantage of your "frequent flyer" status to enter. The dining options offered are usually the best at the airport, as they always feature several fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you have the choice (and time) to visit one of the lounges, you can escape to restore yourself.


If you practice intermittent fastingYou can extend your window of fasting or adapt perfectly to the hours you spend at the airport.

However, we do not really recommend doing it fast during your trip if you do not have much experience. This can be totally counterproductive as it can make you nauseated and dizzy.

If you skip one or two meals and it's not your usual routine, it's a sure-fire way to spend bad weather at the airport.

Food plane

Although our main goal is to eat at the airport, let's take a moment to talk about plane food. Finally, even if you have the impression that waiting to board never ends, you are on the plane and stuck to the food that is offered to you.

First of all, the airline on which you fly is important. Low cost companies tend to have smaller menus and fewer options. However, if you are willing to pay the high price, many low-cost airlines offer a surprising number of food options.

Secondly, the duration of your flight is also important. Longer flights tend to include meals in the price of your ticket, while shorter ones require payment.

Third, whether you are traveling in economy class or business class too. Business class has a bigger menu and more "gourmet" options.

Yet, plane food is food for the plane. As beautiful as it is, it is rarely fresh or in very good health. Fortunately, there is usually a kind of nut mixture or mix of tracks and sometimes even salads or energy bars. For longer flights, you can usually choose your meal in advance.

Now that you know your options, you are better prepared and, hopefully, you will not be stressed by the menu when you are in the air.

It is much more tedious to plan and avoid the easy (and unhealthy) options of the airport. But if you eat nutritious and nutritious foods during your trip, this is a great way to start your vacation or business trip by feeling your best.

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