Eau de Space Brings the Smell of Space Down to Earth

Space bottle and water box.

Astronauts are often shocked by the little details outside of our world, like effect of microgravity on cooking where the cosmic ray phenomena. But one of the strangest details in space, and the most difficult to explain to the inhabitants of Earth, is that it stinks. Now a new fragrance called Space water captures the smell of space and brings it back to Earth.

The Eau de Space fragrance was originally developed for NASA by a chemist named Steve Pearce. Using the descriptions of the astronauts, Pearce designed a fragrance that matches the smell of space. But NASA is not the one selling water from space. Instead, a small company (called Eau de Space) managed to get the recipe through FOIA requests and sell the fragrance via Kickstarter.

Okay, but how does space water smell? Astronauts and scientists describe the smell of space as “metallic”, like “fried steak” with “raspberries and rum”. It sounds rather pleasant, but the Eau de Space company believes that its fragrance is more an educational tool than anything else.

Each commitment to Space Kickstarter Water guarantees a bottle of perfume for K-12 schools. As of this writing, the Kickstarter has already exceeded $ 203,000 from its original goal of $ 1,969, so it’s safe to assume that many students will feel outer space this year. If you want a bottle of perfume, you’ll have to commit at least $ 30 to Kickstarter.

Eau de Space does not plan to mass-produce its perfume after the end of the Kickstarter campaign next month. So if you want to feel the space, now is the time to pay $ 30.

Source: Space water via Engadget

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