Eero's 3-Pack of Mesh Wi-Fi Routers Is Down to $170 (And It Comes With an Echo Dot)

It’s time to abandon the old router and install a powerful whole house system. the Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Kit is a perfect solution to your uneven home Internet, and at the reduced price of $ 170, it’s just theft. The three pack Eero mesh Wi-Fi usually costs $ 250, and you can order it from Amazon or Best buy gives you a free Echo Dot smart speaker.

Eero’s Wi-Fi mesh systems are among the our favorites. They are easy to configure, they work with all ISPs and create a stable connection throughout your home. In addition, Eero routers undergo routine updates for security and privacy features, and they support speeds of up to 350 Mbps.

Offers like this are rare and tend to sell out quickly. If you want to switch to a mesh Wi-Fi system for the whole house, you can now take advantage of the famous pack of three Eero at a ridiculous price.

A Wi-Fi Mesh system for the masses

Source: Eero via The Verge

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