ElevationHub Adds a Handy USB Port and Card Reader to Your MacBook Charger

EvolutionHub plug-in for MacBook

Apple’s aesthetic is minimal and timeless, but it’s also … well, minimal. Its line of MacBook laptops is fairly light on ports, leading to a thriving industry of additional docking stations and adapters. The latter remains simple and elegant, and makes it easy to travel by adding ports where you don’t expect them: on your charger.

EvolutionLab EvolutionHub takes advantage of the way USB-C can handle both data and power by sticking its additional ports on the charging brick, not on the laptop itself. The tool has a USB-C pass-through port that plugs into the charger itself, as well as a USB-A port for the many flash drives and charger cables that have not yet done so. jump to C. There is also an SD card reader for triggers which deplore its exclusion from the latest laptop models.

EvolutionHub charger extension for MacBook with coiled cable

Everything is topped with a nylon and velcro loop that keeps your cables securely attached to your charger. It’s not the most versatile or powerful MacBook dock we’ve ever seen, but to nail the basics in tight packaging is great. The EvolutionHub costs $ 40 and ships in July, but you can withdraw eight dollars if you pre-order with the code TIDY.

Source: EvolutionLab via Gizmodo

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