Every Amatuer Astronomer Should See The Latest Stunning Images From NASA

An image of the Cartwheel galaxy, which resembles an bull's eye.

From NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory, named after Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, is capable of incredible new discoveries. Now NASA has uploaded the latest work from the observatory so that we can see it, and you don’t want to miss these beautiful galaxies.

The images you will see are not exactly what the human eye might see if we were to point a powerful telescope into space. Instead, the photos are compilations of multiple sources using a “multiple wavelength” to attract gamma rays, radio waves, etc.

But thanks to this work, we can see in a way that no human could ever on their own and spot interesting new features on distant galaxies. And this photo treasure even includes a photo of the “brightest supernova explosions in centuries.” But for our money, don’t miss Eta Carinae, a volatile system with two massive stars in close orbit.

You can view all the photos on NASA website, and when you’re done, maybe go outside to watch one of the coming meteor showers.

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