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While the beginnings of traditional cable shows are limited to the fall and spring seasons, Netflix offers a multitude of new options each week. From documentaries about cats to comic book heroes, the streaming platform is an endless stream of quality television at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for your next frantic watch for the coming week, here’s everything that will happen on Netflix starting February 3.

February 3: Thambi

This Indian thriller follows a separated brother and sister who are reunited after he was involved in a crime.

February 3: Sordo

Inspired by Hemingway’s For Whom The Bell Tolls, this original Netflix follows the story of a soldier who became deaf following an attack and has to survive in Spain.

February 3: Kaylie Team

This teen comedy follows teenage Kaylie Konrad as she performs community service following a court order.

February 4: Dragonheart: revenge

This reiteration of the classic film follows a boy who wants to take revenge for the murder of his parents.

February 4: Faith, Hope and Love

A recently divorced woman takes part in a dance competition to save her dance studio.

February 4: She did this

This documentary follows the stories and successes of black female entrepreneurs.

February 4: Tom Papa: you’re fine!

You can certainly count on Netflix to offer comic specials, and they start over with this one again.

February 5: Arrow

Arrow’s final season hits Netflix just after its cable finale.

February 5: Black Hollywood: “They must have us”

This documentary tells the story of the influence of black actors on Hollywood.

February 5: #cats_the_mewvie

Ever wanted to know which of your favorite celebrities has cats? This documentary will show them to them and their furry friends.

February 5: The pharmacist

The Netflix original follows a pharmacist ready to uncover the corruption behind the opioid epidemic after the death of his son.

February 5: Uppity: the story of Willy T. Ribbs

February is full of documentaries for Netflix, and it follows the story of Willy T. Ribbs, the first black racing car driver to qualify for the Indy 500.

February 6: Cagaster of an insect cage

For anime lovers, there is this story of a virus that turns people into insects.

February 6: Sorry

This film follows a man who must survive a project after being abandoned by his family.

February 7: Azali

This film follows a young Ghanaian girl who runs an arranged marriage.

February 7: Dragons: Rescue Riders

This children’s series based on How To Train Your Dragon follows the twins Dak and Leyla as they train and live with dragons.

February 7: Fifty: the series

This series follows four women who reassess their lives.

February 7: Horse Girl

This original Netflix film stars Allison Brie as a woman whose dreams have begun to take over her life.

February 7: My Holo Love

This Korean drama follows a woman who falls in love with a hologram.

February 7: Locke & Key

This show inspired by the comic book series follows three brothers and sisters who move into a house that can give them magical powers.

February 7: Lefty Brown’s ballad

This Wester film follows a man on his journey to avenge the death of his partner.

February 7: Who Killed Malcolm X?

This documentary series is exactly what you think – an exploration of who killed Malcolm X.

February 8: the coldest game

This film takes place during the Cold War and follows a man as it takes place in a chess match that is part of a larger spy operation.

February 9: Better call Saul

Breaking Bad fans were probably waiting for the new season of Better Call Saul for Netflix.

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