Everything You Need For A Mobile Audiophile Setup

If you are ready to switch from the freebie headset supplied with your latest phone to a serious setup, you will need to invest in a high quality hi-fi system. The following mobile audiophile material is an excellent starting point.

Audiophiles are a notoriously expensive group – even in the relatively thrifty domain of mobile phone music, you could easily spend enough on high-end equipment to buy a budget car! This being the case, we have made choices for beginners that are both easy to use and (relatively) easy for your wallet. They will not beat the best audio material on the planet, but they will blow up the average phone for iPhone or Android, all without needing to be plugged into a wall outlet. Even better, many of these components work perfectly as high quality recommendations. Consider our choices of digital audio players, headphones and headphones as a good choice of gifts for just about everyone.

Digital audio player: FiiO M7 ($ 200)

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Your smartphone is a jack of all trades and a master of all, especially if it’s a newer model without a headset port. If you really care about the quality of the sound while traveling, you’ll want to switch to a device dedicated to music.

This mid-range model offered by FiiO, specialist in mobile audio, offers a full touch screen for its Android operating system, which is not a given for this price, but make no mistake: it There is no Wi-Fi or cellular connection. thing. Instead, you have a music-only device that can handle lossless audio playback with a powerful DAC (digital to audio converter) to get the most out of your headphones.

The drive comes with only 2 GB of local storage, but you can add up to 512 with a MicroSD card. It also supports playback via audio devices with USB-C and Bluetooth technology with Sony’s high-quality LDAC wireless technology. Other features include 20 hours of standby time (40 hours standby time) and built-in FM radio support. Oh, and the latest USB-C cables are recharging, an added bonus. Note that, despite the Android operating system, this device does not have access to the Google Play Store nor to its selection of music apps.

Portable Amplifier: TOPPING NX4 DSD ($ 160)

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If you prefer to use your phone to listen to music, but want to be able to maximize the quality and power of your high-end headphones, you will need an amplifier. Portable amplifiers operate on the same principles as their Media Center and desktop PC cousins, only with an internal battery, pocket size, and selected ports for on-the-go listening.

Connect your phone (or anything else) to the input port, plug your headphones or speaker into the output port and enjoy the glory of the amplified sound. The Topping NX4 DSD supports up to 32-bit audio quality, probably much more than your phone can handle, via a standard headphone cable or a USB digital connection.

An intelligent design decision was also made: the Micro-USB charging port and the USB-C data port are separated. So you can connect and charge the amplifier via your phone or leave it separate to give the amplifier more battery life. The NX4 uses a fully aluminum body with a fantastic knurled dial for the main control of amplification. It lasts 24 full hours in amplifier mode, although this decreases considerably if you also use it as a digital-audio converter. Thoughtfully, it includes silicone strips to attach to your phone if you carry both in a pocket.

Bluetooth Receiver: Earstudio ES100 ($ 100)

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Suppose you already have a great pair of headphones, but the audio you want to listen to on your phone or other device does not have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Get this little gadget and stream it via Bluetooth.

While Bluetooth is not typically associated with high quality sound, the ES100 supports 24-bit playback, reunion, or hype of the best smartphones. Its Bluetooth receiver chip supports the LDX wireless audio standards from Sony and Qualcomm LDX. A microphone, as well as standard 2.5mm jacks, are built-in, so you can turn any pair of studio grade drums into a mobile headset. Impressively, it can also be controlled remotely via an Android or iOS application, allowing extensive customization of the controls and equalizer settings for the built-in DAC.

Earphones: Shure SE315 ($ 178)

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Most headphones are cheap products, designed to be inexpensive, so you will not have to worry about them. However, earphones sealed in your earlobes are also conducive to excellent noise suppression and high fidelity. It is therefore possible to obtain an impressive sound quality if you want to invest in a good pair. The Shure SE315 is certainly eligible.

With a range of 22 Hz to 18.5 KHz, most headphones come out of the water, and its removable cable can be upgraded with USB-C, Apple Lightning or Bluetooth connections via branded accessories Shure. The Kevlar reinforcement around the driver’s seat can be placed so that it bends around your ear for a more comfortable and secure fit. But be warned: trying this set of headphones will ruin just about every regular button.

Earphones: Sennheiser HD 598 Cs

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For those who have room in their bag and budget, a high quality earbud around the ear is unbeatable. For unlimited mobile wireless audiophiles, we recommend the Sennheiser HD 598 Cs.

It is a closed design for private listening with passive noise cancellation, with a more convenient short cable including a built-in microphone for taking mobile calls. The range of headsets extends from 10 Hz to 28 KHz, which allows you to hear all the subtlety of your high quality music. The foldable design fits easily into the carrying case provided, although you want a bag to use when you’re not using it. There are headphones with better specs on paper, but for less than $ 200, these sound amazing and are also a great gift.

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