Facebook Is Launching Licensed Music Videos in the United States

Three iPhones displaying music videos in the Facebook app.

Facebook wants to be your social network, your gaming platform, and now your music video home. The company is releasing officially licensed music videos in the United States in a new music destination within Facebook Watch.

Facebook is working with Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Merlin, BMG, Kobalt and other independent studios to host the music videos. According to TechCrunch, supported artists can enable a permission setting to automatically add video clips to their music page.

If the artist does not enable the setting, Facebook will generate a new music video page with the artist’s name titled: “[Artist Name] Official music. Facebook will control the pages it creates for artists, but if the artist objects later, the video clips will appear on their page.

Facebook users can follow artists and receive notifications when new video clips are uploaded. In addition to a follow option on music pages, video clips will now also feature the button. You can share, comment, or react to videos just like any other Facebook content, so artists can see it as a word of mouth advertising tool.

Speaking of advertising, the video clips will feature advertisements, but they will not interrupt the video itself. It would lead to a bad music video experience, so that’s one reason to move on behalf of Facebook.

Much like Pandora, by listening to more music on the Facebook watch, Facebook will get to know your preferences and make suggestions based on your tastes. Facebook has announced its intention to stream music to other parts of its platform in the future.

via TechCrunch

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