Facebook is Putting the Original 'FarmVille' Out to Pasture

FarmVille with pearly doors.Artistic interpretation of FarmVille with pearly doors. Inked Pixels / Shutterstock, Zynga

Even the greatest must meet their creator. Facebook is end of support for Flash games, including the original FarmVille, on December 31. Here’s your last chance to experience the 11-year-old game in all its seed glory, assuming you have no problem with Flash Player.

FarmVille is one of the first browser-based games to gain universal popularity, generating over $ 1 billion in revenue thanks to its millions of daily users. It is also a defining element of Facebook’s early development strategy. Every Facebook user from 2009 to 2015 remembers the intrusive and endless notifications and invitations from friends and relatives playing games, as well as the boom in Facebook-only apps that generated revenue by stealing and selling user data.

Sorry, FarmVille, but your legacy is forever tied to user privacy scandals and addictive freemium game design. We hope you enjoy eternity behind the Pearly Doors – or wherever you are. Of course, this is not the absolute end of FarmVille, as Zynga plans to re-edit FarmVille 3 for mobile devices later this year.

FarmVille players can make in-app purchases until November 17th. Facebook will remove FarmVille and all other Flash games from its website on December 31, the same day as Adobe discontinues support for Flash Player. Just think, a devoted FarmVille fan will be playing the game until their last moments on New Years Eve.

Source: Facebook via The edge

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