Facebook Is Rolling Out Dark Mode to Mobile

The Facebook app in dark modeNotFridayCraig

If you’re on a computer, you can already get Facebook in dark mode, but what if you are on iOS or Android? If you’re one of the few lucky iOS users, you can get Dark Mode on Facebook today. But very few users still have this option, and there is no word on Android.

Some people like dark mode, and it’s easy to see why. When properly implemented, it is more pleasing to the eyes and, for some devices, it also extends the life of the battery. Facebook already has a dark mode for Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and its desktop interface. But the mobile has not received the same attention so far.

So I now have dark mode on Facebook. 😍 #darkmode #Facebook # iOS14 pic.twitter.com/AuC5uYoMJ2

– 🐍🏀💜💛 (@NotFridayCraig) June 26, 2020

As spotted by SocialMedia Today, a few users have found a new dark mode option on the Facebook iOS app. You see sTwitter screenshots and examples. When SocialMedia contacted Facebook, the company confirmed that it had released the feature for “a small percentage of users worldwide at this time.”

The company has not specified when it would start rolling out the functionality more widely or when Android users would be able to. But if you want to check if you are one of the lucky ones, go to the settings of your Facebook application. The rest of us will have to wait.

via SocialMedia today


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