Facebook is Testing a Chronological News Feed on Mobile

An iPhone with Facebook open, revealing Home, Favorites, Recent tabs.Justin duino

Color shocked us; at Review Geek, we’ve got a brand new view for Facebook on mobile – a timeline news feed! The new view is provided by a new tabbed system with Home, Favorites and Recents options. We’ve only seen the new view on a few devices, so it may be a limited test.

At first glance, Facebook’s latest update looks somewhat similar to a new TechCrunch view. revealed in a code dive back in February. But while TechCrunch’s code removal revealed the Relevant, Recent, and Viewed tabs, we see the Home, Favorites, and Recent tabs.

Facebook on an iPhone showing Home, Favorites, and Recents options.Justin duino

The Home tab appears to be the algorithm-generated view that you’re used to (and probably hate). Favorites replace the old Facebook “See First” feature and highlight people and pages you’ve marked as favorites. And Recent gives you the chronological list of your News Feed, including Pages, Groups, and Friends.

It appears to be a server side update and you might already have it. You won’t see the new tabs until you scroll through your feed. We’ve seen the update come to iOS and Android devices, but not for the desktop so far. Hope this is a sign of change for everyone, and not just a limited test.

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