Facebook Messenger Lite Is a Great Alternative to Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a very popular communication application. This is only a real disadvantage, it is that it is incredibly inflated. On my Motorbike E4, it weighs less than 60 MB, which makes sense: not only does it have all the messaging functions you want, but also audio and video calls (nice), heads of discussion (well) a Snapchat Story clone (why?), Games (not that you knew), and much more under the hood.

Fortunately, Facebook has an alternative called Messenger Lite. On my Moto E4, that is just 6MB in size; a tenth of what the full application is. Messenger Lite is designed to work no matter where, but especially on slow phones on low quality cellular networks. It has been available for some time in India and Africa, but it is now available in the United States, Europeans and other Play Stores . (If you have an iPhone … well, you have no luck, Messenger Lite is only available on Android and Facebook has no plans to bring it on iOS .)

Messenger Lite is a stripped version of Messenger. It only has the basic features, you know, the ones you like in an email application. You can send and receive messages, pictures, voice notes, stickers, and audio calls. The only things you can not do, which you probably care about, are sending videos and making video calls. In the screenshots below, Normal Messenger is on the left and Messenger Lite is on the right.

By supporting video features, Messenger Lite uses much less bandwidth and can handle much worse connections. It is also much faster to use on your phone. This probably will not matter if you have a high-end Android phone, but if you're on something like my E4 Motorcycle, the difference in performance is noticeable.

Should you use Facebook Messenger or Messenger Lite?

If you have a slower Android phone or a phone plan with limited data, Messenger Lite is an easy call. You lose some functionality, but for the most part, the application is just as good. You can also keep both installed on your phone for the few cases where you have to send a video or make a video call.

If you have a higher end phone or a decent data ceiling, then that is a more difficult call. On the general principle, I like Messenger Lite because it is so thin and stripped. But I use Messenger for video calls and receive at least a few videos a week as messages. If you do not use the additional features of Messenger, launch Messenger Lite and check if you like it. If you do so, however, changing the application all the time will probably bother you more than ignoring Messenger Day.

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