Facebook Messenger Will Get New Privacy Settings

A blurry Facebook messaging app with app lock enabled.

Facebook Messenger plans to introduce new privacy settings to lock who can send you a message. Soon you can prevent people from texting or calling you or still redirecting them to the request box. Facebook is also introducing App Lock to better protect your private messages.

App Lock is a simple (and optional) addition to Messenger. The idea is that you might need to let a family member or friend borrow your phone. But that doesn’t mean you want them to see your private messages. When app lock is on, you will need to use a fingerprint or facial authentication to unlock the Messenger app.

The feature uses the phone’s security settings, which means Facebook doesn’t have access to your fingerprint or face profiles. Facebook says the feature is being rolled out to users.

The company also plans to offer new privacy settings in the future. When this update is released, you will have more control over who can message you. Facebook says, “You can decide who can message or call you directly, who goes to your claims folder, and who can’t message or call you at all.” The new settings will look like Instagram’s privacy settings.

Facebook didn’t say when the new privacy settings would arrive, only that it would share more details soon.

Source: Facebook

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