Facebook Wants You to Stop Sharing Last Season's News

A phone with a Facebook newsletter, and a warning that the article is more than 3 months old.

We have all seen it at least once. News shared on Facebook that strikes our feed, except that it is old. Really old. The title seems recent, but the event happened a long time ago and the article could even be more precise. Facebook wants to stop this, so now it will display a warning when you are about to share old news.

Starting today, if you try to share an article longer than 90 days, Facebook will slow you down. The company will display a warning, explaining that the article is more than three months old and gives you the choice not to share it or publish it anyway. Sometimes old news is still relevant, so the latter option is necessary.

But often this is not the case, and old news continues to be shared when it no longer holds the same context in today’s constantly changing climate. Sometimes it can be harmless but hopelessly outdated information, such as the “recent” death of a celebrity who died more than a year ago. In other cases, the subject may be more serious, such as information about the numbers of COVID-19 infections that are no longer correct.

In either case, Facebook hopes this change will help people think and think before sharing. This is something that all social networks could probably use more for everyone’s mental health.

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