Facebook's Lasso, a TikTok Clone, Meets Its Maker on July 10th

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Facebook files Lasso on July 10, according to notifications received by its users. Lasso, a blatant TikTok scam, has failed to break into the mainstream and has fewer than 100,000 daily users in certain markets. But Facebook still plans to launch Instagram coils, another version of the TikTok format.

Like TikTok, Lasso allows users to shoot 15-second videos with popular songs and visual effects. Users can browse a stream of suggested videos or search for videos by hashtag. But despite Facebook’s vast marketing budget, Lasso has never left the Americas. My colleagues haven’t even heard of Lasso, and they write about technology every day!

Anyway, Facebook’s next foray into TikTok format is called Instagram coils. Like Instagram Stories, Reels is integrated into the Instagram app and available from user profiles. They last 15 seconds and include music and visual effects.

So yes, Reels is another TikTok clone. But it has a real chance of success. Not because the rolls are better than TikTok, but because they are available on Instagram. People love the convenience of using just one app – remember when Instagram stole Snapchat’s Stories feature?

Facebook is currently testing Reels in Brazil, but has not announced a global release for the feature. In the meantime, I suggest you take advantage of your last week at the Lasso.

Source: Facebook via TechCrunch

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