Facebook's New Messenger Desktop App Lets You Skip the Browser

An illustration of the Facebook Messenger desktop application.Facebook

Facebook just launched a new Messenger application for computer the Windows and MacOS, allowing you to chat or video call your friends without opening your browser. This is a timely version, and it should help families and friends stay connected without coordinating a confusing Zoom chat or Google Hangouts.

You won’t be surprised to hear this, but video calls via Facebook Messenger have doubled in the last month. The company’s decision to release Facebook Messenger for the desktop doesn’t matter to most users, but it’s good news for anyone who’s had enough of their Judgment Day Facebook feed. Now you can socialize without falling into the rabbit hole of Facebook posts and news! Yay!

A screenshot of the Facebook Messenger desktop application.Facebook

The new Facebook Messenger desktop app will be familiar to Messenger users and includes options for dark mode and GIFs. The app allows you to cut or pause notifications and will sync chats across all devices. Like the browser version of Facebook, the desktop Messenger application is completely free.

The Facebook Messenger app is available to everyone the Windows or MacOS devices.

Source: Facebook

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