Feeling Nostalgic? The Internet Archive Now Emulates Flash Games and Animations.

A screenshot of the classic Badger Flash animation.
badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger Internet Archives

After years of keeping Flash on life support, Adobe plans to unplug its famous Internet software in December 2020. But don’t worry, The Internet Archive now preserves Flash games and animations in an emulator, so that you can re-breathe classic memes and games from your browser without downloading awesome software.

Our friends at The Internet Archive have already kept more than 1000 Flash games and animations, including classics as Peanut butter jelly Time, Carmelldansen, Lolituma girl (Leek), and Homestar Runner. And while the archive may take a while to showcase your favorite niche games, it already has Extraterrestrial hominid, which is one of my personal favorites.

These Flash games and animations work like they did in the 90s and 2000s thanks to a developing emulator called Ruffle. While Ruffle is not 100% compatible with Flash, it works well enough to run most historical games and animations in full quality without any lag. That said, you might find that these games and animations perform better than you remember, as many underpowered computers struggled to run games at full quality during the heyday of Flash. (The only bug I noticed is that the archive full screen button doesn’t work. You need to right click to enable full screen mode.)

Ruffle works natively on all browsers through WebAssembly, so you don’t need to download any software to play Flash content from the Internet Archive. That said, you can download a steering wheel desktop application to play Flash content outside the browser or download the Ruffle browser extension to play Flash content on any old website. (You can also use Breaking point to relive old Flash games and animations.)

Internet archives tries to build its collection of Flash games and animations, starting with classic and historical content. If you have a .swf file to contribute to the collection, visit the archives last blog post and scroll down for submission instructions.

Source: Internet archives via Contribution

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