Fire TV Adds Live Content Support For Sling, YouTube TV, and soon Hulu +Live TV

A Fire TV showing live content from several sources.Amazon

Quickly following in Roku’s footsteps, Amazon’s Fire TV aims to facilitate the discovery of live television content. But live TV can come from disparate sources, and to that end, Fire TV is expanding its support to include Sling and YouTube TV today, with Hulu + Live to follow later.

The Fire TV interface is unique because it extracts content from many sources and shows it all on the home screen. With other platforms, like Roku, you’ll have to switch to apps to get a better view of what a service has to offer. But if you wanted to know what’s going on with Live TV right now, Fire TV also blew you up in the app.

The company recently introduces a chain guide, but its capabilities were limited to Prime Video, Pluto, Red Bull TV, PlayStation Vue and Philo. The Fire TV interface and channel guide now supports some of the major streaming players, starting with Sling and YouTube TV.

All you have to do is log into your account and the content from live TV will automatically appear in the user interface and in the channel guide. Fire TV says that the Hulu + Live integration will arrive later, although it has not given a schedule. If you’re a fan of using Alexa to control your Fire TV, you’ll be happy to know that it supports new live content.

The update is available today, but you may need to check for updates to see it.

Source: Amazon

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