Five Years Ago This YouTuber Built a Bunker, Here's the Update Tour

Colin Furze, standing in his underground bunker.Colin Furze / YouTube

In case you are not familiar with the YouTuber in question, Colin Furze, the boy is a treat for you. It is exactly the kind of high energy fun you need to boost your midweek slump.

Here is the backstory to catch up with you. Colin is a British YouTube personality who built his video empire on a combination of his stunt antics, his crazy inventions and the fusion of the two thanks to his infectious energy.

Five years ago, he dug his backyard to build a ridiculously cool bunker and just recently, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, opened it for a tour to show how the hole in old Hobbit has weathered. in the past five years.

Not only is the video a fun peek at the highlights of the bunker construction, but revisiting the bunker, Colin also reviews the biggest hits from some of his wildest moments in the bunker during the past half decade, including playing a guitar flame thrower and showing off some of his other wacky inventions.

Start with the video above, then binge on the rest of his high octane waterfalls.

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