For Most People, the New Xbox and PlayStation Are Better Than a Gaming PC

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the PS5 and Xbox Series X look more like gaming PCs than traditional game consoles. At least that’s what technological outlets and the players say. In reality, this generation of consoles offers a much more streamlined, affordable and attractive experience for the average person than PC games. Unless you are genuinely determined to play on your desk, you should ignore the nonsense and stick to a console.

To be clear, we love all that PC gaming has to offer. But some people fall into the idea that the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are just undernourished PCs. It’s a dangerous take that could waste money, as the Xbox Series X and PS5, which are fully capable of playing AAA titles, should be judged by the experience they offer, not by their specifications.

On a console, everything just works

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Once you include the price of accessories, cables, monitor, and games, you can expect to spend around $ 1,000 to build a low-quality gaming PC. Next, you need to spend time building the PC, setting up all of your game software, wrestling with platforms like Steam, and troubleshooting unpredictable issues that are inevitable when playing on a computer. office.

Now, whoever is builds a gaming pc will tell you that setup and troubleshooting is not a big deal. You get used to solving problems on the fly and you learn that small problems are often a fair compromise for customization, power and other benefits of PC gaming.

But these tasks are frustrating, time-consuming and a major stop for many people, especially if you have limited time and just want to play a fucking game. The new Xbox One X and PS5 will sell out well below $ 1,000 (probably half of that, in fact), can operate immediately and hassle-free and can reach heights of raytrack and 8K video without any adjustment. For most people, the simplicity and low price of these new generation consoles make them much more attractive than an expensive and difficult PC, even if it comes at the cost of a hardware modification or small graphics improvements.

The best console game functionality: exclusives

A screenshot from The Last of Us Part II.A screenshot from The Last of Us Part II.

Sony and Microsoft know that their console games can run on desktop computers. Thus, they spend tons of money to secure the rights to exclusive AAA and independent games, many of which are extremely popular and completely beyond the reach of PC gamers.

These exclusive titles can be the greatest “feature” of console gaming. You can’t play popular games like God of War, The Last of Us, Halo 5 or Gears 5 on a PC. Why would the average person pay extra to isolate themselves from the new popular franchises?

It should be mentioned that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will also be backward compatible with previous Sony and Xbox generations of consoles (with a strange gap for PS2 and PS3 games). These old games are often available on PC (by legal or illegal means). Still, they play better on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, which are built with architecture to handle flawless emulation.

PC gaming is broken between too many services

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One of the most attractive aspects of PC gaming is the wide variety of platforms and game providers. The ability to choose between game services or markets leads to competitive prices, constantly changing social features (such as Steam Trading Cards) and niche game communities (modding communities come to mind). But if you’re the kind of person who just likes to sit down, start a game, and connect with your friends, the fractured world of PC gaming platforms can be exhausting.

The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are all-in-one machines. On a console, you don’t have to worry Steam, Epic, Twitch Prime, GOG, Origin, Fanaticor any other market. You don’t have to rely on third-party messengers and you don’t have to wait for file downloads to join custom servers. All your achievements are in one place and all your friends are available for multiplayer games without jumping in the hoops, provided they have the console you are using.

Again, the fractured nature of PC gaming appeals to many people. Some of the things that we have listed as PC game locks, like deceived custom servers, are actually popular features of PC games. But, for the average person, that sort of thing makes it difficult. Console games are much more streamlined, so you can spend more free time playing and less time logging in and out of services.

Trust your heart, follow your friends

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We are not trying to say that the PC game sucks. Most Review Geek Editors Have Huge Libraries Of PC Games And Actively Pursue “Connections” Such As Custom Game Servers, New Game Platforms And Expensive (Or Frustrating) Hardware That Boosts Performance Game.

However, we also like our game consoles, and we want to make it clear that desktop games are not for everyone. Over the next few months, people will argue that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are just underpowered gaming PCs. It is a bad take, and we hope to have explained why it is not worth listening to.

In the end, you have to trust your heart. Do you want the simplified experience of a game console, or do you want to put your blood and tears in the sometimes awkward world of PC gaming? If you can’t decide where to go, ask your friends for their plans. Maybe you know a friend who just built a gaming PC, or a group of cool people who are fully committed to buying the PS5 (the cool kid’s console).

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