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Microsoft is on a roll with Windows 10 open source PowerToys. The latest free tool is PowerRename, a mass renaming tool that will allow you to rename many files at once directly from the File Explorer.

To use it, download and install Microsoft PowerToys. Launch the PowerToys application and activate the "PowerRename" option on the General Settings page.

Enabling Windows PowerRename shell extension in PowerToys settings.

Then go to File Explorer, right click on multiple files or folders and select "PowerRename". If you right click on one or more folders, PowerRename will allow you to operate on each file they contain as well as on the names of the folders themselves. .

Mass rename files in File Explorer with Microsoft PowerToy.

PowerRename is fairly simple to use. At the top of the window, type what you want to find, then what you want to replace. You will see a preview of what PowerRename will do. If you are satisfied with the results, click on "Rename". If you want to avoid renaming a file, uncheck it in the Preview list.

The options section allows you to enable / disable additional options to control the operation of the name change of the power supply, from case sensitivity to its operation on the name or extension of file only. You can exclude files, folders, or subfolder items. The preview makes it easy to see what these options do.

Using Microsoft's PowerRename batch renaming tool.

There is an interesting feature for advanced users: "Use regular expressions". These will allow you to perform more complex search patterns to change the names of your files. The PowerRename documentation offers some examples of regular expressions for this tool. Master regular expressions and you can do almost anything you can imagine with PowerRename.

This functionality was added in PowerToys version 0.12.0, published on October 29, 2019. PowerToys already offers a window management tool called FancyZones and a Windows keyboard shortcut guide. Other tools will arrive in the future.

Let's be honest, other batch renaming solutions Missing: Third-party mass renaming tools are often too complex and the built-in options of File Explorer are limited. The command prompt and PowerShell offer many options, but you need to be a command line follower to take advantage of it. PowerRename offers a nice, user-friendly mass renaming tool and it's great to see Microsoft offer it.

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