[Gallery] Here's Everything in The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition on a blue carpetCam

I pre-ordered The Last of Us Part II Collector’s Edition in September 2019 as soon as it went on sale. After almost a year of waiting (and two delays), I finally got it on Friday June 19, 2020. I want to show you everything in the Collector’s Edition box.

There are some really good things here, especially for those who love The Last of Us games. As divisive as the second game seems to be among players, it is still a historic game of Naughty Dog and PlayStation titles the best-selling of all time.

I have been in the game for about 16 hours right now, but I’m not going to talk about it here. There are already many reliable critical reviews (and less reliable user reviews) if you are interested in reviews. Everyone will surely have their own thoughts on how it goes, but I will withhold judgment until I have completely finished with at least one game.

But I’m getting lost. Here is a list of everything that comes in the box:

SteelBook case with full set
Dark Horse 48-page mini art book
Lithographic art print and thank you letter from Naughty Dog director Neil Druckman
Ellie bracelet replica
6 enamel pins
5 stickers
12 inch Ellie statue
PS4 dynamic theme
6 PSN avatars
Digital soundtrack
Dark Horse Mini Digital Art Book

Since I pre-ordered, mine has also come with an improved in-game ammo capacity for Ellie’s pistol, as well as a craft training manual. But these are not tangible elements, of course. Here is an overview of everything that exists.

First of all, the box is quite large, much larger than I expected anyway. You can see it in the main image of this post. Inside this box is another box.

The box inside The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition BoxCam

When you remove the lid from this box, there is a small tray with the art book, SteelCase, and a thank you letter.

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition mini art book and SteelCaseCam

Here is an overview of the art book:

The latest art book in the collector's edition of The Last of Us Part IICam

And the SteelCase, with Ellie on the front …

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition SteelCase Ellie sideCam

… And Abby on the back:

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition Abby sideCam

The thank you book contains a note by Neil Druckman, as well as a striking lithograph.

The last part of us lithograph and thank you letterCam

Here is a close-up of the letter if you want to read it.

A close-up of the thank you letter, written by Naughty Dog director Neil DruckmanCam

Below this tray is a second tray with the bracelet, stickers and pins.

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition stickers, pins and braceletCam

And here’s an overview of each of these things individually, starting with the pins. They are made of hard enamel (like most pins), so you should be able to stick them on anything you want and they will resist some abuse. Display them proudly.

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition pinsCam

And the stickers, which I will probably never use and will keep forever.

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition StickersCam

The bracelet is solid enough, I guess, but I’m not sure I’m wearing it. Does anyone buy stuff like that with the intention of using it? No, but maybe some people do. If you are going to wear it, I would not expect it to have a long lifespan. It’s more, you know, to collect.

The Last of Us Part II Collector's Edition bracelet out of the boxCam

Under this tray is the main reason why I personally ordered the Collector’s Edition – the 12 inch Ellie statue. It looks good, with fine details everywhere. I admit that I expected more from the quality of manufacture (I hoped for metal), but hard plastic always seems solid. The base is hollow, so it looks cheap, which is probably the most disappointing part of the whole. I still like that.

A look at the statue of Ellie from The Last of Us Part II Collector's EditionCam

The details on Ellie’s clothes and the guitar are pretty good.

Take a closer look at the Ellie statueCam

But his face lacks detail. I can say it’s her, but some of the finer details are missing. I guess that’s what happens when these things are mass produced. I am sure it is just too laborious to make a realistic recreation at the scale at which they hoped to sell them.

A portrait of the Ellie statue in The Last of Us Part II Collector's EditionCam

One more, for good measure:

A macro photo of Ellie's face on the statue in The Last of Us Part II Collector's EditionCam

At $ 170, it’s not a cheap package. But overall, I am satisfied with it. The Last of Us (part 1) is my favorite game of all time and one of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t buy the collector’s version of this game. But I didn’t play it until it has only been out for three years, so I missed this window by a large margin. I was not going to start again.

Part of me would love to be all-in for the Ellie Edition, which includes everything here with The Last of Us Part II logo patch, 7-inch vinyl soundtrack and a replica of Ellie’s backpack. . But most of this stuff would be lost to me – I don’t have a record player and would probably never use the patch or the backpack – and, as I said earlier, the statue of Ellie was the main thing I wanted.

So yes, I’m happy with that.

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