Geek Trivia: The Introduction Of What Arcade Game Caused a Massive Coin Shortage?

Answer: Space Invaders

While the idea of ​​sliding coin after coin into a machine to advance good times may have been foreign to modern console and handheld players, in the early days of video game entertainment, coins were the law from the country.

One arcade game in particular was so incredibly popular that it caused a temporary shortage of 100 yen coins in Japan. A year after its release in 1978, the number of 100 yen coins deposited in the Space Invaders machines was so high that it caused a shortage of smaller enough coins large enough to prevent ordinary citizens and shops from using them.

Japan was not the only country where arcade enthusiasts filled the Space Invaders with coins; worldwide, the game brought in an average of $ 600 million a year in coins. Revenues from Space Invaders between 1978 and 1982, adjusted for inflation, exceed $ 2 billion, making Space Invaders by far the most profitable video game of its time.

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