Geek Trivia: What Was The Easter Egg Inside Microsoft Excel 95?

The entrance hall in the hall of tortured soulsMicrosoft

Answer: Room of tortured souls

Microsoft developers have a long tradition of including Easter eggs – small pieces of bonus code hidden in larger software applications designed to surprise and / or entertain the user who discovers them – in their Office applications. Over the years, Excel, for example, has had all sorts of unpublished Easter eggs, including a flight simulator and a Spy Hunter game.

However, not all Easter eggs in Excel have been so light. In Excel 95, there was a strange Easter egg that, after entering the appropriate commands in Excel, would open a small window with a 3D game similar to Doom. The entire mini-game, titled "Hall of Tortured Souls", consisted of a series of empty and disturbing rooms, including a room with pictures of the developers on the walls.

Although we do not know exactly what the developers wanted to do with their little Easter egg, we are convinced that the title of the game, associated with the photos hidden in a secret room, is the equivalent for the software developer of slide a note. in a fortune cookie bearing the inscription "Help me! I am trapped inside the factory! "

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