Geek Trivia: Which 1980s Game Console Is Still In Active Production?

Example of a current version of the Sega master systemTectoy

Answer: The Sega master system

The Sega Master System is a third-generation 8-bit game console. Other third-generation consoles include the Nintendo entertainment system and the Atari 7800. Golden Ax, it has failed to gain widespread adoption and adoption of the Nintendo entertainment system.

Except that it is in Brazil. At the beginning of the thriving home video game industry, with the exception of Sega, many console manufacturers have ignored Brazil. Rather than ignoring the nascent market, Sega promoted the main system in force and the Brazilians fell in love with it – so in love with him that the relationship never deteriorated.

The system has been in continuous production in Brazil since 1989 and, although it has undergone some minor modifications and cosmetic modifications, the bowels of the machine are largely unchanged. Some of the most interesting changes to the system over the years have been the avoidance of location load cartridges for an internal ROM bank with 132 built-in games and controller upgrades. Well in the 2000s, new games were coming on the platform. Even today, the electronics company that produces and distributes the console in Brazil, Tectoy, sells about 150,000 units a year. Not bad for a console system over 30 years old.

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