Geek Trivia: Which Iconic Video Game Symbol Was Originally A Family Crest?

Answer: The Triforce (Legend of Zelda)

In Nintendo’s famous video game franchise Legend of Zelda, the Triforce is an ancient Hyrulian relic that embodies the forces of wisdom, courage and power. In the various Legend of Zelda games, the hero, Link, must frequently recover segments of the Triforce or entirely rebuild it as part of his mission to protect Hyrule.

The stacked triangles that create the Triforce symbol have a long history that extends far beyond the 80s creation of The Legend of Zelda series. The exact configuration of the triangles is found on the family crest of the Hōjō clan. The Hōjō clan was a powerful Japanese family who indirectly ruled Japan for most of the 12th to 14th centuries, mingling with the royal family through a series of marriages and assassinations.

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