Geek Trivia: Who Is The Longest Recurring Actor In Any Video Game Franchise?

Joseph Kucan as Kane in the Command & Conquer game seriesWestwood Studios

Answer: Joseph Kucan

Although Joseph Kucan was born and he has a long list of achievements, millions of players around the world know him simply as Kane, the messianic and ultra-mean prophet of the long series. Command & Conquer video games.

Kucan was hired by Westwood Studios in 1992 and was their director of dramatic assets for the next ten years. In addition to directing countless cut scenes, including all cut scenes from Command & Conquer games, Kucan appears as Kane in all Command & Conquer games, with the exception of Red Alert 2 and Yuri & # Revenge (his absence in both cases results from the absence of Kane, not another actor playing the role).

In addition to his role as Kane, Joseph Kucan has also appeared in other games, including The Legend of Kyrandia – Book One, Blade Runner and A Few Best Men.

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