GeForce NOW Adds More Games, Plus NVIDIA Freestyle Graphics Filters

Nvidia Freestyle FiltersNVIDIA

NVIDIA continues to add weekly updates to its streaming game platform, GeForce NOW. In addition to a new selection of titles, this week’s update adds NVIDIA Freestyle filters. Freestyle is a set of post-processing graphic effects that the company offers on its graphics cards. It has been described as “an Instagram filter for games,” and yes, that sounds pretty much right.

Games require NVIDIA Freestyle driver support, so it doesn’t work with everything, but the list of supported games is damn long.

Here is the full list of additional streaming games this week:

Trackmania (Epic & Uplay)
Conan Exiles (Epic)
Desperados III (epic)
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Epic & Uplay)
Hue (Epic)
Lethal League
Lost castle
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (Epic)
Series cleaner
SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated (Epic)
Subnautica (Epic)

Note that some of the games here, like Conan and Subnautica, were already available on GeForce NOW, but only if you purchased the Steam version. It was a problem I reported in my service review, so extending the support to more buyers is a good thing. NVIDIA also prioritizes titles that have been presented as free gifts on the Epic Games store, like Hue, which is free right now.

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