GeForce NOW Adds Nine New Games, Including 'SuperHot: Mind Control Delete'

Superhot screenshot: Mind Control Delete
Frog detective

NVIDIA’s streaming gaming platform continues to grow, this week into a considerably smaller portion. Nine new titles have been added, although several are Epic Store expansions and / or DLC add-ons to existing games, but in my opinion the difference is clear SuperHot: Mind Control Removale. It’s an expansion to a concept shooter that made waves in 2016.

Very hotThe central concept is simple: time, enemies, and bullets only move when you move. This allows for a slow, almost balletic combat pace, with a lot of ideas that seem to come from storyboards for The matrix. The minimalist low-poly graphics and the fourth story that defies the walls are the icing on the cake.

Mind control removal expands the original with a roguelike system: semi-random levels and enemies, and upgradable player characters for much more variety than the original. It’s a standalone game, but it’s also free for anyone with the original when it was released last week.

Other notable games include Tacoma (currently free on the Epic Store), the winter sports opus from Ubisoft Steep, and access to the Epic store for the excellent independent spaceship fighter FTL.

  • Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break
  • Rogue Company
  • Tacoma
  • FTL: faster than light (Epic)
  • Steep (Epic and Uplay)
  • Subnautica: sub zero (Epic)
  • Supreme Commander 2
  • The wind road

NVIDIA did not mention any games leaving the streaming service this week. Call it a victory.

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